What will be the exact number of deaths due to corona in India?

Will we ever know how many people have died due to corona in India. Depending on the different models, the number of people who die from the corona increases to six lakhs instead of three lakhs and also goes up to 42 lakhs. Reporters of different media institutions are going to the villages and checking the death toll, then they are seeing that the government figure is very less. When will the game stop tell six lakh deaths to three lakhs and instead of 40 thousand deaths to four thousand?

Will we ever know how many people have died due to corona in India. Depending on the different models, the number of people who die from the corona increases to six lakhs instead of three lakhs and also goes up to 42 lakhs. Reporters of different media institutions are going to the villages and checking the death toll, then they are seeing that the government figure is very less. When will the game stop tell six lakh deaths to three lakhs and instead of 40 thousand deaths to four thousand? The latest estimate on the website of Washington University’s Institute of health metrics and evaluation is that the death toll from Kovid in India could be more than 9 lakh. Similarly, the New York Times, along with a dozen experts, has presented three estimates. According to this, the number of deaths from covid in India so far will be at least six lakhs, fat maybe 1.5 lakhs and maximum can be up to 42 lakhs. None of the models is close to the government figures, but at least one and a half times or twice that.

Lazaro Gamio and James Glanz have based their data on all three serosurveys in India for this. The official number of infected patients in India is 2 crore 72 lakhs and the official number of deaths is slightly more than 3 lakhs. If the New York Times has estimated on the basis of at least, then the number of infected patients in India is seen to be more than 400 million and the death toll is 6 lakh. According to the newspaper, the number which seems to be fitting is that it seems to be more than 53 crores and then the death toll will be 16 lakhs. Now the third estimate has been made on the basis of worst to worst condition. According to this, more than 70 crores would have been infected and the death toll could be 42 lakhs.

In many countries, there have been questions on the number of people who died from the corona. Regarding the statistics of India, it is being seen not only in the outside university but also with suspicion here. People are also noting that the government figures are low. If the credibility of the official number was the same, then Prime Minister Modi would not be late, it is necessary to say that even if the number is high, the state government should tell it. Ashish Gupta, Ph.D. student of the University of Pennsylvania, and Murad Banaji of Middlesex University London have also done a study on Gujarat. His article has been published in the Hindu newspaper. The official figures of Gujarat are that 9,665 people have died due to Kovid in a year. But Ashish Gupta and Murad Banaji estimate that the total number of people killed by Kovid in the last 71 days can go up to 82,500. Where ten thousand in a year and were more than 82 thousand in 71 days. How much will the government hide the data?

Ashish and Murad have estimated the death toll based on the reporting of Dainik Bhaskar and Divya Bhaskar. Recently, according to Divya Bhaskar, 1 lakh 23 thousand deaths have been registered for death certificates in Gujarat between March 1 and May 10. This number of registrations in these 71 days is much more than the number of the same time last year. Last year between March 1 and May 10, 58000 deaths were registered. Even then there was a wave of Kovid. Along with this number, Ashish and Banaji drew the average number of registration of deaths in Gujarat between 2015 and 2018 and found that 40,000 deaths were more than what was estimated this year. While the government says that only 4200 people died during this period. Divya Bhaskar has told that 20 percent of those who died this year were below 25 years. Ashish and Murad saw that in 2018, the death rate of youth under 25 years was 15. So there is an increase of ten percent in this category. Ashish Gupta is doing a Ph.D. in the Department of Demography and Sociology and Murad Banaji is a lecturer in Mathematics.

Ashish and Murad have written that the death toll from Kovid is also not reliable because many times the doctor of the hospital does not write the Covid reason even after dying from Kovid. The deaths that are happening in homes are not being counted.

How many corpses were shed in the rivers and they were rejected in the name of tradition. These bodies are from Bihar or UP, it was debated but whether they died from Kovid or not, it was not counted. Not only this, it is being investigated as to why the yellow sheets are being removed from the bodies buried on the banks of Prayagraj, Chief Minister Adityanath tweets that they were buried the same three years ago. But no one is telling how many of these have died due to Kovid. If there is a tradition then why three years ago, there can be a picture of every year, has this tradition been seen only in the months of March and April? These pictures should answer the question of whether these bodies are of Kovid or not. Only deaths in hospitals are being counted, questions are also being raised on that.

The New York Times expert has also raised questions about the death count of a Kovid patient in the home. Our colleague Nehal from Bangalore has sent a report. Nehal’s report states that 700 people undergoing treatment in home isolation have died in Karnataka. If the number of such numbers starts counting from every state, then the death toll will be different.

Dainik Bhaskar has published a report regarding the deaths due to Kovid in Rajasthan. 28 bureau heads and 46 correspondents from 25 districts have worked on this report. According to this report, when Dainik Bhaskar’s team has seen the records of 512 villages and blocks and done their own investigation. Where 48 deaths have been reported in Ganganagar, 517 economies have arisen within 50 days in only 28 villages there. In 512 villages and blocks, 14,482 economies have arisen. In the second wave of Corona, the official figure of those who died of Kovid in Rajasthan is 3918. The difference is more than three times. According to this, at the level of the country, the death toll rises from three lakh to twelve lakh. The New York Times estimates don’t seem too far off.

The death toll is not secret. It’s audacity. People are telling and governments are silent. When there is so much doubt on the data, then this battle cannot be won by lies. An anecdote from Bokaro becomes important in this context. Arvind Kumar is in a mask and has gone to his bank branch with a cylinder. Arvind’s son is pulling the cylinder and bringing it along with his wife. Arvind’s coming to the bank in this condition could have been a threat to his life but he has come to tell so that his office can be sure that he is really sick. Arvind says that he has been recovering from a fever for ten days. Even after this, oxygen is in support after a lung infection, but the bank officials call him to work. There is also a tussle regarding payment. Resigned for this too but it was not accepted. So in this condition, the banks have come so that the officer can be sure that Arvind is on oxygen support.

In the time of Kovid, there are also transfers in banks and there is no one to take care of the employees who are dying of Kovid. The Finance Ministry should have told how many bank workers have been infected and died while doing duty in the second wave of Kovid. When UP teachers can get compensation and have been assured to give jobs to dependents, then why is there such a policy for bank personnel or other government servants. With this, I want to present three episodes from UP. In the first week of April, some villagers in Shamli were injected with anti-rabies instead of the corona vaccine. This came to light when 72-year-old Anarkali, after getting vaccinated at the Community Health Center in Kandla, gave her Aadhar card to the ANM and asked them to enter her Aadhaar number. The ANM said to Anarkali that “Aadhaar vaccination does not require Aadhaar.” He then came to know that he had been put on a needle to bite the dog. Now in the Siddharthnagar district of UP, 20 people have been given the first dose of corona vaccine, Covishield, and the second Covaxin.

The district CMO admitted that it was a mistake. The guilty have been identified, action will be taken against them. But what will happen to those who have been vaccinated by different companies? Ramsurat of Oudhikalan village in Siddharthnagar said that he and his associates were put up on April 1 at the Barhni primary health center in the district. On 14 May, they were given the second dose of vaccine. When the ANM ordered more vaccines after their vaccination, the doctor who issued the vaccine told them that they had got the wrong vaccine. The villagers who got the wrong vaccine are now afraid of something untoward. Ram Sundar told NDTV that “It seems that something has gone wrong inside the body. Is there anything wrong with that?”

The third incident is from the Kanpur countryside and the incident is in the first week of April. The injecting ANM was so busy talking on the mobile that she vaccinated a woman twice. When the woman asked him “is now both the doses are taking the same day.” Then she told the woman that “why didn’t you move out of here after getting vaccinated? It was your fault that you got vaccinated twice. The country needs the vaccine, there is a debate going on on Twitter. People kept checking their accounts all night that Twitter has not stopped. What was the need for Twitter to write a lie under the lie? It is the government, proves your truth as a lie, but why call your lie a lie. We are a serious country but someone should do us light work. Can’t stop it. Fighting happens on the border and we start taking revenge from the mobile app. For example, let’s take a flashback. Only then will we know that we taught Tik-Tok a lesson exactly a year ago, did you? What is going to happen with Twitter?

It was the month of June 2020. In the scorching heat, the lockout hit, and the corona pandemic hit the head. The news was coming that the Chinese army has come within the border of eastern Ladakh of India. There has been a clash in which Indian soldiers have been martyred. The Prime Minister said that no one came to our border. He did not even take his name. Everyone understood that no one came, meaning China did not come. The Defense Minister and the Foreign Minister also said the same thing. The nation took seriously that no one came, but then news started coming that both the countries were talking about the land. If soldiers are stationed on the border, then civilians also had to do something. Traders’ body CAIT made a list of 500 goods for a boycott. Started debating. Where does the troubled nation rest? Got tik tok insight. The people of the nation had forgotten that it belongs to China, people locked in their homes in the lockdown were jumping and making videos, we're preparing to upload that tick-talk was closed. Everyone supported the nation. If the decision is tough, then the leader is also big. Local artists going global due to tick-talk became local again. After this, we blew up 267 Chinese apps from mobile phones. The nation found a new way of confrontation. Instead of answering brick with stone, brick was used in development. The policies for importing goods from China started getting stricter. The day of 3 July 2020 was also a historic day for taking tough decisions. Energy Minister RK Singh said that under tension from China, India will not import electrical equipment from there. Also asked the power companies of the state governments not to import from China. The minister said that we cannot tolerate that any country enters our border. We never taught China such a harsh lesson in the matter.

This does not mean that after teaching a lesson to his student, the teacher will not go to the class again. The ministers, who called the decision to curb imports from China a year ago great, have started turning a blind eye to imports from China. Outrage has been replaced by imports. Oxygen concentrators and cylinders are being imported from China.

Delhi government has told that six thousand oxygen cylinders have been imported from China. Nationalist sentiments of the nation were not hurt. A year ago, where we were deleting Chinese-made apps, a year later we were taking oxygen from Chinese cylinders. The dispute over the by-the-way border has not been resolved. You can check with the govt. Karnataka also imported 200 oxygen concentrators from China. Many goods have come from Wuhan where Corona came from. Rajasthan has also said that it will import 6900 oxygen concentrators from China. Sadly, these days those who blow the effigy against these announcements are engaged in a jugaad to make their thinking positive.

Is self-dependent India becoming an import-dependent India? China will also express its applause. It started to tell that different companies of India have ordered the import of forty thousand oxygen constructors. The Ambassador of China posted in India has told the Chinese Communist Party newspaper Global Times. On 29 April, the Chinese ambassador tweeted, ’61 cargo ships have arrived from China within two weeks. More than 5000 oxygen cylinders have been supplied. 21,569 oxygen generators and 3800 tonnes of medicines have been supplied. More than 2 crore masks have also been supplied.

The oxygen concentrator is fine, but after a year of self-reliance, we have to import 20 million masks, which is not good for the soul of dependency. Those opposing Chinese goods are seen to be liberal this year. Global’s global consciousness has awakened.

It is not that only after the second wave, imports started from China and the governments started saying that they are importing from there. If she did last year, the effigy would be burnt by the Chief Ministers. On March 18 this year, the Minister of State for Commerce Hardeep Puri presented a written reply in the Lok Sabha. The question was asked by Trinamool MP Mala Roy. Hardeep Puri said that among the countries from which India has imported between January and December, China remains at the top position. Telecom equipment, computer hardware, fertilizers, electronic equipment and components, medicines, electronic machines, etc. have been imported from China. India has imported $ 58.71 billion from China.

China remained number one in terms of imports. Imports of 62.4 billion dollars in 2019 and 58.71 billion dollars in 2020. Did this decrease come from a self-sufficient India or due to a decline in worldwide import-export due to Corona? If you look at the last year’s headline, then the game of this year’s headline will be understood. The incident that has spread about Twitter can also be seen in this context. The matter is not only about following the guidelines of the government.

As soon as the Prime Minister’s tweet came out on Buddha Purnima today, people worried about Twitter heaved a sigh of relief. Those who were waiting for the ticking clock in the middle of the night must have been disappointed that the condition of Twitter would become tick-tock.

Of course, the matter of guidelines is different. But please take note of the power that is happening under the pretext of Manipat Patra’s manipulated tweet, but do not divert attention from Kovid’s questions. Avoid the jokes. The news is coming that the government has approved the terms of the Pfizer company, which the government had once refused. Pfizer is also an American company and a Twitter too. Is the government really moving towards closure? Let it not happen that the situation in China should happen. After vigorously banning the app, we are importing oxygen cylinders from China. Even after new discussions, no discussion is able to last. Now people have started discussing this, how much discussion is being done to bring it into the discussion. How to Comeback, Re-Make, Re-Launch Etcetera Etcetera. Keep asking questions even if the answer is not coming to any question. The wedding processions are waiting, just like the vegetables of the second round are not coming after the first round.